The Only Solution

Human life is a fragile, precious thing. From the moment of conception, the world is against us in all its fury, and science has shown this to be true. Today, a report in the Lancet reveals that the iodine in a mother’s diet determines their child’s future IQ. The finding, that children of mothers who ate a low-iodine diet had an average 3-point deficit on their more iodine-rich brethren, is compounded by the fact that taking too much iodine results in “adverse consequences for the mother and fetus”.

The iodine problem is just one more example of the need for total control in the diets of pregnant women. Obviously, there are negative effects of maternal addictions to drugs, including nicotine and alcohol. However, it has also been shown that women who are depressed and sleep-disordered have children who cry and fuss more and that children of obese women are significantly more likely to require specialist care. Mothers who are too young place their child at risk, as do mothers who are too old. Not just iodine, but also folic acid must be carefully controlled unless the mother wishes to harm her baby.

It is clear that radical action is needed. The lives of our young are too valuable for us to continue to entrust their pre-birth care to their biological mothers. They have shown themselves to be weak, addicted to food, drugs, and poor sleep patterns. They are the wrong age and they pay far too little attention to the trace elements in their diet. If the human race is to continue to progress, we must immediately establish a system of birthing hostels where women, upon their first indication of pregnancy, can mandatorily volunteer to reside until their child is born. Once within this controlled environment, women can be exposed to the correct environment and diet to ensure their offspring develop properly; food would be provided in the right amounts and balance, and ingested at the proper speed. Precisely the right amount sleep will be taken, mental disorders will not be tolerated, and, needless to say, no drug-taking or inappropriate excitement will occur. It is only in this way that our children will truly be getting the best start in life.

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I suppose I might be a geneticist, but that's possibly pushing it. I have a background in a variety of biological topics, largely behavioural and cellular sciences, although I'm currently an MSc/PhD at the Institute of Psychiatry, doing anxiety genetics.

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