Hello world!

After a sizeable break, we’re back! This website has been defunct for some time now, but we feel its come time to breathe some new life into it.

When For Stars and Beetles was founded as a blog network most of us were undergraduate or masters students. We wrote about research that we’d found interesting, various environmental issues, and of course our own research. Things were going well with plenty of posts being written and us all having a jolly old time, before the inevitable happened: thesis deadlines, and then the crushing realities of the job market for those who studied biology or ecology (The situations not so much fun, people: be afraid, be very afraid).

Somewhere, amongst all of that, inevitably the page slowly fizzled out as people either became very busy or ran out of things to talk about.

Fast-forward to 2015 and now many of us are either PhD students or working in biological/environmental jobs. Which is nice. And if anything its likely given us more to write about. We’re now far more involved in the areas that interest us, and as a result are becoming more immersed in the more specialised knowledge that comes from this progress. With this progress it’s becoming more important to begin actually communicating our findings to the public. Sitting back and leaving the talking to other people has ceased to really be an option.

So we’re back! Well, some of us at least. Not everyone has continued, and we’re looking for new contributors so that this page can give a wider variety of topics, presenting a greater diversity of viewpoints. Blogging as a community also encourages everyone to write more often, whilst also potentially increasing the amount of people viewing our individual posts.

So if you’re a biologist or similar who fancies joining, let us know! We want to set up a team from all around the world, with many perspectives represented. Odds are it’s you’re who we’re after…


About hammerheadbat

A conservation biology PhD, I spend my days studying tropical deforestation, bats, and wider ecological questions.

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