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‘Cannibal rats’ would actually nosh on mice

News outlets went berserk a fortnight ago (hey, this still counts as ‘topical’, right?) when a story went viral on the possibility of a ghost ship of cannibal rats crashing into the UK’s coast. The sodding prime minister was even asked about it at PMQs.

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Trout killing elk

One of the main intellectual draws of ecology is its deceptive complexity. Whilst topics can appear at first glance quite simple, a little study usually drags up a handful of interactions right away; illuminating the countless intricacies that make up the world we live in. It’s for this reason that I’d like to talk to you about how a paper published this month shows how trout in Yellowstone are killing elk.

Yep, honest.


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Death from below, 2013

Bats. You know what bats are right? The little weird creatures that live in your roof, and fly around at night? Harmless beings, that just feed on mosquitoes, moths and other invertebrates that people generally (sadly) don’t like.

Well, that’s not strictly true. Latin America’s vampire bats are likely the most infamous exception, landing on mammals and birds, and then sucking the sleeping animals’ blood. Awesome, fascinating creatures; but certainly a little creepy.


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